Kirei Japanese Food Supply

Kirei is Singapore’s leading supplier of Japanese Foods and Beverage products. With over 2,000 products in stock, we are the main supplier to the top Japanese restaurants, hotels, and major supermarkets in Singapore. We also supply the growing Asian fusion market meaning that altogether we service over 700 customers who look to us for our quality products, speedy and reliable service and our staff’s in depth knowledge of Japanese food.

Some of the key qualities that make us the first choice for Japanese food
  • Knowledge and experience second to none built up over 30 years.
  • Privately owned: means short command chain and quick decisions.
  • In-house technical department for rapid response to customer needs and confidence in food safety.
  • In-house product portfolio management team to quickly arrange products to customer specification.

We take pride in the fact that we have one of the most dedicated and reliable sales teams in the market. These salespeople are fluent in a minimum of two languages (English, Japanese or Chinese) and have been chosen for their detailed knowledge and respect for Japanese food and Japanese food culture. They are backed up by a sophisticated computer system that allows us to closely monitor stock so that we can meet our customer’s requirements.

Our modern transport fleet of dual-temperature (chilled and frozen) vehicles gives us the logistical flexibility to offer two deliveries per vehicle to central Singapore daily as well as covering the whole nation with regular deliveries.

Our advanced modern 50000sq foot warehouse facility is also one of our key strengths. We take much emphasis in our operations management, and maintaining strong logistical performance to maintain our reputation as the leading Japanese supplier in our business markets.

Logistics Facility (Warehouse)

  • Centralized location in Singapore (Bukit Merah)
  • Warehouse Square Feet: 50,000
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Cargo Lifts: 2 Units
  • Loading Bay: 4 Units
  • Delivery Vehicles: 8 Units
  • Delivery Operations: 6 Days Week


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Kirei Japanese Food Supply Pte. Ltd
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