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Kirei Japanese Food Supply

Kirei Japanese Food Supply have always prided itself in providing the freshest and finest Japanese produce to their customers amid Singapore’s ever-increasing demand for quality Japanese food products.

Founded in 1980, Kirei has achieved much since its humble beginnings at its old west coast warehouse office and is now one of Singapore’s largest Japanese food suppliers, with operations expanding to Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Distributor for a wide range of Japanese premium food and liquor brands, Kirei carries a large variety of products including dry, frozen food items and Japanese liquor like sake, beer and shochu. Air-flown fresh items are also handled which arrives twice weekly from the world famous Tokyo Tsukiji market.

Kirei currently supplies to a wide range of customers in the Food and Beverage industry, mainly comprising of hotels, restaurants, caterers, supermarkets and bars. Much emphasis is also made to provide the best service and quality to their customers, through strong operations management and a dedicated team of approachable and well trained staff.

About us

  • Centralized location in Singapore (Bukit Merah)
  • Warehouse Square Feet: 50,000
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Cargo Lifts: 2 Units
  • Loading Bay: 4 Units
  • Delivery Vehicles: 8 Units
  • Delivery Operations: 6 Days Week


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Kirei Japanese Food Supply Pte. Ltd
13 Jalan Kilang Singapore 159413
Tel: +65 6779 2128
Fax: +65 6779 6471

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